2017 Polaris POLARIS ACE 150     $4995.00

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The Polaris ACE 150 EFI has several features to provide a safe, enjoyable ride. The 150cc, Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engine has four speed-limit modes. Standard from the factory the vehicle is limited to 16 km/h. Adults are able to adjust the top speed to 24 km/h, 35 km/h or 47 km/h, based on the skills of the rider as they learn and demonstrate responsibility. Other safety features include LED daytime running lights, seatbelt, side nets, whip flag and parking brake. Additionally, the vehicle comes with a DVD explaining safe operation and an approved helmet to reinforce the importance of wearing proper safety gear.
Make: Polaris
Model: POLARIS ACE 150
Capacity: 150cc
Year: 2018
Colour: RED
Price: $4995.00
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